Coming Home to You

Coming Home to You Summary

Beck O’Loughlin never got over his first love. Not even when he left her ten years ago to become the now hardened Boston detective.

But life has come full circle because he finds himself back in his hometown, bound and determined to protect her.

Kelsey Walters never imagined she’d get a second chance with the love of her life, but he reappears when she needs him most.

Stalked and tormented by an ex-boyfriend, she just longs to feel safe again and knows Beck is willing to risk his life to give her that.

As their sexual tension builds, they both realize it may not be enough to rekindle what was once lost.

Coming Home with You is the first book in the Rockport Beach erotic suspense series. While each book can be read as a standalone, it offers so much more if read as a series. HEA guaranteed with each book!

Book Reviews


Like it5 star

Not done yet but love so far I’m all for descriptive sex scenes and so far this hasn’t disappointed55

Trds Mom

Not As Described1 star

This was listed as a romantic thriller but there was very little romance or mystery. Lots of gratuitous, repetitive sex, little romance and very little mystery. This book should be listed as soft porn. I have no problem with soft porn but thats not what I was looking for when I chose this book. I’ll not be choosing any more books by this author. Unless I’m looking for soft porn, that is.15


Nice Story But…3 star

It was a good story, but every other page was like them having sex smh35


Spicy! ;)4 star

Recommended by a book club friend. Typically not my genre of choice, but fun to read this spicy little book ;) looking forward to the next one!45


Great Beach Read5 star

This is a great book to take to the beach and relax. Steamy and suspenseful. It’ll have you turning the pages!55


Coming Home to You3 star

This basically is a great book but the description of ALL THE SEX was nauseating and I skipped probably 100 pages because of it. Epilogue was great but please get rid of descriptive sex scenes.35

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