Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky Summary

She'd given up on love, until he gave her his.

Abigail Bennett has the worst taste in men. Her husband left her for another woman and her boyfriend was a liar and a cheat, so the last thing she wants is another relationship. Sex on the other hand—or her total lack of it—is an ongoing concern. But maybe Wolf can help? And not just in the bedroom.

The annoyingly sexy, dominant author is exactly the type of man she needs to keep her ex-husband and his wandering hands at bay, but Wolf's help comes with a price, and while Abby is willing to take him into her bed, she's determined to keep him out of her heart.

Wolf Adams has one month to complete his manuscript and get it to his publisher, or forfeit his substantial advance. Sent to the country on retreat, the city boy is certain the change of scenery will motivate him to finish the book. But when he meets Abigail Bennett, he enters a game of cat and mouse unlike anything he's faced before.

Unable to resist the voluptuous artisan, Wolf agrees to pose as Abby's boyfriend and help ward off her ex's unwanted attention, but only if she helps him finish his book. Because while he's happy to play her games, he has a few rules of his own…

Finalist in the 2019 Passionate Plume Award (Passionate Ink: Romance Writers of America) for BDSM!

Finalist in the 2019 Stiletto Award (Contemporary Romance Writers of America) for Erotic/BDSM!

Book Reviews


Lucky indeed!!4 star

Great story! Loved the dominance and passion of the main characters and the strength (broken at the time) of the sub. It has great supporting characters, 8 brothers, a very open family, it was funny! It’s a love story of patience, broken spirits, passion and trust. How many times can you trust that someone will not break your heart or your spirit? This story and author shows us that when it’s right and it’s love, it is worth it.45


Erotic Love Story4 star

I enjoyed this story. Very descriptive and a handful of laughs.45


Extremely Good5 star

So so good. Erotic. Beautiful story. Must read!!55

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