Forced by my Mom's Boyfriend

Forced by my Mom's Boyfriend Summary

She will moan for him, whether she likes it or not.

Her mom's boyfriend Steve drives Holly nuts. He's not unattractive, but he constantly stares at her like she's something to be devoured.

When her mom goes away for a few days, she leaves Holly and Steve together alone in the house, Steve will teach eighteen-year-old Holly all about the birds and the bees by forcing her to...well, you know! She'll take every inch and she'll learn to like it as her body betrays her mind! It's not as if she has much choice...

The plan for the night was to lose her innocence to Jonathan Novak. But now it looks like Steve will claim her v-card instead!

A rough, and taboo tale of forced submission and plenty of moans. 

Rose Rough Erotica celebrates the rougher side of sexuality,
so if you're looking for hard, rough, and pulse pounding,
over the top action -- this is the place for you!
Lots of dirty talk, and scenes of being used
roughly, and loving every second of it!

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