Betrothal Summary

I'm merely a maiden with a crown that gives any man who wins me the right to claim High King.

I'm merely a maiden with a heart that can't speak for itself. That's tied to my station. That aches for another.

I'm merely a maiden. With a bloodline of old magic. Forbidden magic. I feel it stirring inside, but I don't know what it is or how to access it.

Enter an enchanted world of castles, kings, knights, sorceresses, mythical monsters, but mostly of a coming-of-age princess who is the descendant of powerful queens with ancient, otherworldly bloodlines.

Be swept into a beautifully enchanted, Celtic-flavored, Camelot romance of druid magic, mythical creatures, and this Arthurian legend retold from seventeen-year-old Guinevere's perspective as she discovers her truth, her power, and ultimately how she shapes a kingdom.

It's not the legend you've heard. But one you should hear: Lady Guinevere was her father's leverage, the king's prize, Morgaine's pawn...until she discovered her druidess power.

Join her on an enchanted, medieval adventure.

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