Living With An Alcoholic. ( A Guide )

Living With An Alcoholic. ( A Guide ) Summary

This book is a guide on coping with a family member or partner who is a alcoholic . The book covers 25 chapters . They include :

Attend Parties That Do Not Serve Alcohol
Avoid Having Alcohol in the Home
Avoiding Alcohol Related Arguments
Changing Your Own Drinking Habits
Coping With Abusive Behaviour of the Alcoholic
Do Not Become an Enabler When You Live With an Alcoholic
Domestic Violence When Living With an Alcoholic
Friends and Family Can Help with Alcoholic Problems
Help the Alcoholic before They Hit Bottom
Helping Your Alcoholic Child
How to Avoid Getting Discouraged When Living with an Alcoholic
How to Help an Alcoholic Stop Drinking
How to Help the Alcoholic Join AA
Join a Co-Dependency Group When You Live With an Alcoholic
Join Al-Anon When You Live With an Alcoholic
Life with an Alcoholic May Not be Possible
Living with an Alcoholic That Says I'm Sorry
Living With the Alcoholic That Pushes You Away
Living with the Lies and Deceit from the Alcoholic
Never Accuse the Alcoholic of Being an Alcoholic
Never Make Excuses for the Alcoholic
Offer Love and Conversation to the Alcoholic
Protect the Children from Alcohol Abuse
Talking to Children about the Alcoholic Parent
You are the Responsible One When You Live with an Alcoholic

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