The Bend in Redwood Road

The Bend in Redwood Road Summary

Most days it’s manageable. No more than a quiet wondering around the edges of her mind.
What has become of the baby she left behind?

Smiling through the pain and suffering in silence, Leslie Laudon marches forward. Embracing the life skillfully designed by her husband Paul. Living right could be penance for an impossible choice made with an uneasy heart. Dutiful and anchoring, Leslie poured herself into her other children. Nurturing them through infancy, protecting them as toddlers, guiding them as teens. As her youngest child heads off to college with her suitcases and coordinating dorm room accessories, so goes Leslie’s identity. The chaotic life of a busy working mother threatens to become dangerously quiet. Quiet enough to hear the voices she’s tried to silence for decades.
Gwen Fox was adopted by two perfect people. Noel and Millie have always treated her the same as their two biological sons. Her parents love is strong and unwavering, yet a soul-deep ache still lingers. Plagued by an unnamed, hard to explain, longing Gwen could never shake.
Riddled with doubt and dragged down by the undertow of unanswered questions, Leslie and Gwen both find their lives suddenly upended. One seeks the truth about the day she was born. The other seeks herself, the woman she was before motherhood. Before she made a choice to leave a piece of her heart lying asleep in the hospital nursery.
In this complex journey for answers, blame is abundant. Guilt is thick enough to choke on. Marriages are brought to the brink of disaster. As the ripples of the past vibrate through their lives, Gwen and Leslie realize there is no turning back. What they have put into motion cannot be stopped. The road toward the truth will be littered with casualties.

Book Reviews

Sunny Stamp

Great Story5 star

This is a story anyone can relate to. Full of string female characters. The storyline pulls you in and you don’t want to put it down. Definitely a chick book.55

Mary Ward Taylor

What Now?4 star

Faced with a moral dilemma, what does a married woman do with an unplanned pregnancy as the result of an affair? “We were on a break” doesn’t seem to suffice. Raises questions about the reliability of adoption agencies, and the reunion of mother and now adult child .45


The Bend in Redwood Road5 star

I loved it. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.55

next review

The Bend in Redwood Road5 star

I loved this book! I could not put it down, so I immediately bought the next one! I did end up buying all of the rest of the books, but the last three just rambled.. especially the last two. It seemed as though the author was tired of it. I felt like she could have added a bit more to the second or third books and tied up all the loose ends of the stories! I’ll be very careful of her series from now on!55


Storytelling at its best5 star

DS wrote a story that had me curled up in a blanket like it was a cold winter day. She links words together as if they are musical notes in a symphony. Good story.55

see rand

The Bend in Redwood Road.5 star

I liked the characterization, the family situations and the relationships between friends. It seemed a. It long at times. It I had to stay with it to discover the resolution55


The Bend in Redwood Road5 star

Beautifully written intense life story. You easily fall into the emotion and pain in two families going through very real situations, making and living with intense choices.55


The Bend In Redwood Rd5 star

I loved this story about mother and daughter finding each other. Heartwarming, good reading.55


The Bend in Redwood Road5 star

Wow! Great book wish it didn’t end. Would like to know what happened next in their lives. Very good read. Thanks!55

1 Banker

A realistic plot & characters that are all too real5 star

I devoured this book, simply couldn’t put it down. The author gave us very human characters, not perfect, but warts & all. They are created as realistic flawed people just doing the best they can & making mistakes as they navigate life. A wonderful book & as soon as I finished it, I purchased the 2nd book in the series. I’m not ready to let go of these people.55

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