Drowning: A Steamy FF Romance Novel

Drowning: A Steamy FF Romance Novel Summary

I thought walking away was the hardest thing I'd ever do, but walking back feels harder. 

As soon as I graduated, I ran away from my hometown. Ran away from my crazy religious parents, ran away from the judgment, and ran away from what I couldn't accept about myself. And all of that wouldn't be so bad... if I hadn't also run away from my best friend. 

But now I'm forced by circumstance to come back. And I'm terrified. Because I made a lot of mistakes in leaving, some of the worst mistakes of my life. I don't know if I've grown up enough to face them. I don't know if I can face Amy. 

Or, even worse, if she doesn't forgive me... I don't know if I can survive walking away again.

Nobody has ever made me feel as good and as bad as she does. 

I've never been as close to anyone as I was to Jessica. But she just left when I was at my most vulnerable. She did worse than that, in fact. There are things I don't know if I can forgive, things I never planned to forgive. 

And then she just waltzes back into my life unexpectedly I'm supposed to just forgive her? What if I don't want to forgive her? But that's the problem, I do want to forgive her. I want to have her as my best friend again... and so much more. 

But I'm terrified of what is going to happen if I allow myself to love her again.

This is a standalone lesbian romance novel with HEA ending!

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Stopped reading early, not well writren1 star

I had decent hopes of this being a good FF romance novel but in the first three chapters the author messed up their own story line. First the main character Jessica’s parents are dead, and then by chapter 3 they’re alive and a strictly religious household? Not impressed that the author can’t keep their own storyline straight15


Good story3 star

The story line was great, but there were dozens of typos, which I normally ignore but this one was slightly harder to adjust to. Also, lots of “I’d” and “we’d”— it was contraction heaven! Overall a wonderful story, just have to get over some of the small things!35

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