Free Comic Book Day 2015: All Ages

Free Comic Book Day 2015: All Ages Summary

All-ages action, fantasy, and humor! All-new stories that make great entry points to new worlds! Gene Luen Yang and Carla Speed McNeil deliver an Avatar: The Last Airbender adventure! Dr. Zomboss and Crazy Dave clash in a new Plants vs. Zombies battle! And the crafty Bandette stars in a tale of her own!

Book Reviews

nobody 9862

Hi5 star

Go to read but you could by a book if your stupid55


It was ok3 star

Dont press the ... I warned you See this is why you dont trust strangers go again Almost there Erm..... no u werent Now u are You made it35


Book 25 star

The book was amazingly detailed.55

dounuts are crazy good

love it5 star

love it55

182 or Eevee

Sometimes I wish it were longer5 star

The book is great, But i wish it were longer. But thats what you should expect of a free book. Lol.55

Daj Ball

two / three stories worth readjng3 star

plants v zombies story was πŸ’― nonsense but the other ones were good35

little peaplz

Thx4 star

It’s a good book there’s a lot in it. X is not dead45


The BEST 😻5 star

I love it so much55


Cool5 star

Cool book and I love it!πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»55

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