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Free Comic Book Day Summary

A third-world nation torn apart by civil war becomes the hunting ground for a killer species from the stars that has taken men as trophies for centuries. But this visitation is no simple trophy hunt, and the stakes may be the survival of humanity. Predator: Free Comic Book Day is the action-packed prequel to Predator: Prey to the Heavens, written by John Arcudi (B.P.R.D., Doom Patrol, The Mask) and illustrated by Javier Saltares (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, X).

Book Reviews


Short but Good..4 star

The book a great but I think they could add some more pages45


Too short4 star

This book is great but way to short45


Too short3 star

I liked it but too short35


Too short4 star

It was good but it was a little too short it cool and I like the concept45


Disappointed4 star

Doesn’t feel like predator real book will probably be trash. Disappointed, expected more from dark horse comics.45

Thomas the comic

Predator4 star

The book is really good, but extremely short45


Predator5 star

That is awesome but short but still sick55

Sammish(go big or go home)

Pretty great for the first predator comic I’ve ever read.4 star

Just a mini comic but it’s free so what can you expect?45

Try it its awsome

To short1 star

This book is not even a book its a story thats puthetic15

dark moon night

Novel build up5 star

Everything I ever graphic novels of the full story for free comic books55

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