10 Abs Exercises to Transform Your Body

10 Abs Exercises to Transform Your Body Summary

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Finally: The simple truth about getting abs for men and women, laid out in quick and simple body changing fitness road map. 

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10 Ab Exercises To Transform Your Body offers you simple specifics and a proven workout comprised of 10 unique, effective and targeted abdominal exercise videos specifically designed to give results and train your body and your core the right way.

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So many people want to find out the right way to train their abs.  And so much information, especially in books, is lots of text and diagrams.  I wanted to create for you a video book so you could actually see how to perform the best 10 exercises that I use myself and with my clients to create total core conditioning and put you on the path to a great body.

I have also added specific information to give you quick and easy to understand advice for successful core training, but I’ve also made a special point not to overwhelm as a lot of books can do, and simply give the most important points to give you clearer focus and understanding.

The 10 exercises you will do here will work your entire core area.  They are laid out specifically to challenge both stabilization and contraction, as well as work underdeveloped muscles - encourage muscles you may never have typically used to come into play.

The workout is one I turn to a lot.  Its challenging, but I’ve laid it out for beginners, intermediate, advanced and pro trainees.

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Now let’s transform your abs and core!

Book Reviews


Mrs5 star

This is an awesome workout !!55


Short, sweet & clear5 star

60+ pages with words & 10 short instructional videos. Loved it and liked it's clean format of writing.55


Great for beginners3 star

Ab workouts that I've seen as an athlete so this book is more geared toward beginners35


Great Video Integration!5 star

This book is a great gym companion to fire up your abs. I'm going to check out the apps suggested also!55


ok so far3 star

This is an interesting guide. Once I have run through all of the exercise for a couple of weeks and can see how they perform, I will reassess the material.35


👍5 star


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