dōTERRA BOGO July 2020

dōTERRA BOGO July 2020 Summary

In the following pages, you’ll learn the what, where, when, why, and how of each of the oils featured during the July BOGO Week, along with some helpful DIY ideas and tips. 
We all have our favorites, but using a diverse assortment of essential oils is ideal. Every oil has a unique chemistry that can naturally support your body in slightly different ways. When you use a variety of oils instead of turning to the same two or three, you open yourself to more expansive, complex, and nuanced support. 
You have your own unique chemistry too. When you experiment with different oils and blends, you’ll discover which ones produce the most noticeable and beneficial effects for you.
Somewhere in the list of essential oils covered in this book may be your new and unexpected best friend.

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