Law of Attraction: Secrets To Unleashing The Power From Within

Law of Attraction: Secrets To Unleashing The Power From Within Summary

The law of attraction is something almost everyone has experienced, on a conscious or subconscious level at one time or the other. Even as we speak, you have experienced the law of attraction at some point in your life.
Do you doubt this immutable fact? Consider this:
Look back to all those times when you were thinking about someone, your phone started ringing with the person you were thinking of on the other end of the line, or the time when you were thinking about someone, and out of nowhere, you bump into the person on the street.
You may choose to label these things mere ‘coincidences,’ ‘luck,’ or ‘fate’ because a part of you finds it difficult to accept the existence of energy in sync with your thoughts, an energy capable of attracting the things you want.
This energy is the universal energy. You can tap into this energy to transform every aspect of your life and attract everything you desire. How do you do that; how do you tap into this power? Well, you use the law of attraction. What is the law of attraction?
This book will teach you everything about the law of attraction, how it works, and then detail how you can consciously begin to use it to get the things you want whether these things are the ideal relationship, a good job, better health, money, you name it.

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amazing5 star

very simple but educational, i have used this as my guide in my times meditating and manifesting55


Amazing5 star

Great read ! Thank you for educating.55


Great read5 star

“We are all the ephemeral forms of a consciousness greater than ourselves.”55



This book it’s amazing! I totally recomend it! I love how positive and good it is!55


Thank You!5 star

I LOVED this book!! For anyone who wants to start learning about the law of attraction, this book touches upon almost every aspect in an easy-to-read way! It was very informative and helpful and really helped me to get back into practice.55

Ted riley

L4 star

A good read. Before reading this book I was always focused on the negative.45


Perfect quick read5 star

Read this book in less than 45 minutes and it was the perfect boost to my day!55


Short and Sweet!5 star

Much needed reminder! Definitely will be revisiting this book as needed.55


You must believe in order to receive4 star

After a relaxing day at the spa and mediating by the lake I decided to read before going to bed. I’m glad I’ve came across this book and would be reading it once a month until I’ve mastered the techniques. I agree, I’ve always been told I have good energy and this book gives me a better understanding. Please read especially if you’re in the process of learning yourself and focusing on your behaviors!45


Easy to read and very helpful and informative. I’ll definitely be referencing the techniques5 star

It gave me a new perspective on my thinking55

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