How to Train Your Viscount

How to Train Your Viscount Summary

The only one who can help her is the man who broke her heart.

Four years ago, Lady Caroline Astley took one look at Henry Greville, Viscount Thetford, and fell horribly in love, in that particular way you can only fall in love at the age of fifteen.

He didn't just reject her.

He humiliated her.

But now, in a stroke of rotten luck, he's the only one who can help her.

It turns out that the "paste" pendant she borrowed from her sister, Anne, was no fake. It's actually an ancient Egyptian amulet, and now Anne wants to auction it off to save hundreds of widows and orphans. What Caro can't bear to tell her sister is that the necklace was stolen from right around her neck.

Caro has a few clues, but she doesn't know an amulet from an obelisk, and the trail has gone cold. Guess who grew up in a house stuffed with Egyptian artifacts? Caro may despise Henry, but she needs him if she's going to track down the thieves. Which begs the question of which is worse: letting down the orphans or risking her heart all over again.

If you like sizzling Regency romance that makes you laugh and makes you swoon, give How to Train Your Viscount a try!

Note: How to Train Your Viscount falls on the comedic end of the Regency spectrum; you might call it a Regency rom-com. The love scenes are red hot. Our hero's mother wishes to regretfully forewarn the reader that her son utters several shocking obscenities during the course of the novel. 

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🔥5 star

This book was so good! Henry and Caroline were perfect together. The author has a way of making readers feel as if you are there with them. I will definitely read more! Also 🔥🔥🔥55


4 1/2 stars4 star

So much fun! Great job by the author. Everything you could want from the genre, with some mystery and intrigue thrown in.45

C Conti

How to train your viscount5 star

This book was a joy to read so much going on. It deserves more than five stars. Well done.55

Brasel Dazzle

RomCom!5 star

This book is sexy and satisfying and incredibly funny. If you like romcoms, mysteries, and sarcasm, this is a great read.55

dontforgetyour glasses

How to train your viscount by Courtney Mc Caskill5 star

Enemies to Friends romance. Loved it.55

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