Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plot

Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plot Summary

  “Sherlock meets Shakespeare in this time-travel, murder mystery with         a twist of magic.”

   Visiting an old manor house is hardly Katie’s idea of an adventure. But then, Otterly Manor is not just any old house…

   When an enchanted painting whisks Katie back in time to Shakespeare’s England, she lands in the middle of a perilous adventure beyond her wildest imagination. Luckily, she finds an ally in Sophia, a young princess who disguises Katie as her chambermaid. But before Katie has time to find her feet, murder strikes at the King’s Banquet, sending Otterly Manor into mayhem.

   Can Katie navigate through a maze of suspicious maids, looming lords, and one very peculiar master painter to discover the true villain before it’s too late?

   If she succeeds, could she lose her chance of ever getting home again?

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