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Don't Talk To Strangers...

Faced with his parents' divorce, eleven-year-old Lucas runs away from his house in the hope that his family will get back together to find him. On his way walking through the empty streets, he is picked up by a mysterious woman who offers to take care of him and provide him with a loving family.  

The boy then wakes up in handcuffs, confined to a bed in a decrepit house in the middle of nowhere and will have to face his deepest fears in order to survive in his new home. 

Join a little boy's a desperate attempt to get back to his family in Madhouse, the first published horror-thriller book from author Miguel Estrada.

Book Reviews

Aubrie Bart.

I…. was NOT expecting that5 star

Wow. I’m in reader’s shock. I won’t give it away, but the ending?? It feels so unreal. This story kept me reading, every chapter ended with a twist. You simply can’t stop once you start and to me that is one of the best qualities in literature that I have ever seen! The author definitely does not lack the ability to capture the pure terror Lucas was feeling, and I applaud that. 10/10 would recommend.55


Amazing!5 star

Oooo this is a great book with a great ending 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼55


Strong Read!!!!5 star

I thought it was a great book with a strong ending.55

Q. Edge

👍👍5 star

This was a good read! I did not expect the ending.55


Madhouse…or ClichéHouse?1 star

This book is honestly creepy. So, if you want a book with no apparent storyline, no psychological or mental “deepness”, this is the book for you. Estrada’s lack of powerful and meaningful words and storyline and character development almost immediately shuts down the story. I am not saying this is not a horror story. It certainly is. But nothing more. It is filled with incorrect grammar for one thing, as well as shallow 1-D characters and needless gore. Every “spooky” thing in this story is cliché, overdramatized and shallow. This is not a deep or meaningful book. It is a three-day read of pure superficial scares. If you are looking for something needlessly gross, bloody, completely shallow and not mentally stimulating, choose this book. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s very very below average in the psychological thriller department.15

we dont like him

read it now5 star

i’ve never been a big reader but i decided to scroll through this section, i read the description and thought “eh why not” but as soon as i started reading i was captivated by the amount of detail that was in this book my curiosity grew with each page, i got chills and i could get vivid images of what i was reading. I HIGHLY recommend this book.55


Wow5 star

Was not expecting this to be this good. Great twists and turns and detailed writing, definitely recommend for a quick entertaining read.55

Gameplay tv yah yt

The end is SHOCKING!5 star

The whole entire book was great. This book kept me wondering what was going to happen next. The end is bizarre and shocking. Great book to get out of a reading slump.55


Madhouse5 star

This book was honestly the best book i had read so far I totally recommend it55


Short and entertaining5 star

Good read. I started reading after a long time and I was looking for some short stories The ending was like amazing55

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