The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Summary

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What would happen if you let your darkness out? Are you certain you’d be able to rein it back in? When Dr. Jekyll turned toward the dark side, he was convinced he could turn back at will, while his friends assumed he’d fallen under the influence of the criminal Mr. Hyde. But the good doctor—and all his acquaintances—were very, very wrong. Can Dr. Jekyll escape the clutches of Mr. Hyde before it’s too late?

Set in the London society of the 1880s, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella is a masterful tale of suspense and psychological intrigue. The story plays to primal fears like losing control of ourselves and discovering that a person we trusted is actually someone—or something—else entirely: a monster. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a must-read for anyone who loves mysteries and crime fiction.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde5 star

Beautifully written. There’s a reason why this Novel has continued to enthrall readers.55


My thoughts5 star

This book is good. It is terrifying and brilliant masterpiece of a story. So can somebody have the balls, to take this entire book and make the first movie to go, completely, by the book? This is possibly one of the greatest books to that with and if they do do that, I’m going to be one of the first people in the theater where it’s playing. But still, good book.55


Good read4 star

I personally like how the story is told from different perspectives if each characters and then finally from the main character. The language and dialogue is intriguing but does get old fast. Worth the time overall45


Jekyll5 star

Thank you that was fun55

Mr. Scrooge Mcduck

Not for me2 star

Maybe great in its time, but not great for me as I like whodunnits.25


Intriguing book4 star

I like the story and the plot twist a lot and was interested to see how things would turn out in the end. However, the pace was a bit too fast for me to completely sink in the atmosphere. If anyone reading this doesn’t mind a fast paced mystery, check this book out.45

Joseph R. R.

Extremely good well written classic5 star

I throughly enjoyed every bit of this book. As you would expect a book of this age the vocabulary was very ancient, however it added a richness to the overall aesthetic of the novel. It was a classic that had been held up through time.55


Bad1 star

This book is not good15


A Wonderful Read5 star

As a young adult this book was quite a fascinating read. The issues brought up by this book are very much still relevant to today and its issues. The book even making its way into the English language as well. The only real problem that I had reading was the advanced vocabulary and grammar. Beyond that it was a smooth read that gripped me until the end. I don’t usually write reviews for books; however I had to for this one. Would recommend to anyone vaguely interested in this tale!55


Fantastic5 star

You can feel every emotion Jekyll has in this book. This book was an incredible adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend this book to anybody that has the ability to read the old language well.55

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