50 Best Jokes Ever

50 Best Jokes Ever Summary

Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...

Book Reviews

Jill Pruitt

Super cute5 star

❤️ Super cute55


0/51 star

Should be called, “Worst Jokes Ever”15


awful1 star

insulting, unfunny, not worth your time. would give 015

sfsvdhicjd stupid nickname

Definitely not the best jokes1 star

It’s all cringe gen x humor where if anyone said any of the jokes to me irl I would ignore them and walk away15

the mcrlover


I read this whole thing for mediocre jokes at times and ones that were so bad they stank worse than a skunk the only joke really in this book is that it says best in the title15

Myron 414

Don’t buy1 star

Could be the most unfunny book ever!15


Very short and jokes were old1 star

I personally did not enjoy this book. I have to admit, it’s understandable why it’s free. I only downloaded this book to see if I agreed with most of the reviews and I did. The yo mama jokes could definitely be insulting to a lot of people and everything seemed outdated. I did not understand a majority of these and would not recommend you read it unless you were just curious if you’d agree with the reviews.15


Ok jokes2 star

A few of these might be funny if you’ve never heard them before. Other than that these are just basic jokes and far from the best!25


Not even schoolchildren would find these jokes amusing1 star



Just bad1 star

No effort15

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