Jill the Reckless

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Jill had money, Jill was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. Suddenly Jill becomes penniless, and she is no longer engaged. With a smile, in which there is just a tinge of recklessness, she refuses to be beaten and turns to face the world. Instead she went to New York and became a member of the chorus of The Rose of America.

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Flash Sheridan

A bit of a regression, but amusing and/or serious3 star

I mostly agree with Mr Muir’s review; the book is rambling, and at times serious, though I think it’s a step down from his recent successes in _Something Fresh_ and _A Damsel in Distress_. (I will quibble with the claim that it’s Sir Pelham’s most serious novel—_ Their Mutual Child_ is more serious in tone, and _Psmith, Journalist_ is, in my opinion, more serious in intent.) Wodehouse doesn’t quite manage to integrate the pieces well, however; he has something serious to say about the snobbery of a serious member of Parliament engaged to a member of a chorus line (a point obviously close to Wodehouse’s heart), but it doesn’t fit well in the same story as the buffoonery of the heroine’s uncle. I agree heartily, though, that Mr Mason is one of Sir Pelham’s better buzzers, and the books is worth reading for him, for the heroine, and for the (I think) serious portrayal of the realities of musical comedy.35


One of the best5 star

Perhaps my favorite...55

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