Minecraft Jokes For Kids 2018

Minecraft Jokes For Kids 2018 Summary

The greatest Minecraft Jokes For Kids this 2018.  With added push and play laughter!

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command block master

The end of the jokes are mostly haha haha5 star

The end of the jokes are mostly haha haha55


Okay I guess2 star

The jokes aren’t that funny, there were a few that made me smile, but overall it’s a big meh.25

#Drowning in books

Lame. And terrible. And just plain rude.1 star

Definitely not a good book.I don’t know how the writer got it published! Only a complete waste of time to read. Lucky it was free! Even my son has no idea what the jokes mean. 1/5 stars15

nope stupid

Terrible1 star

OK why do people do this this is freaking crap like who does this crap these are Memes stolen from other stuff like what the Frick it’s freaking stupid crap😾😾😾😾👺👺👺👿👿👿👿👿😡🤬😡🤬15


ST🤬p with the bad jokes plz😥1 star

Horrible. Wasn’t funny 😡😡😡👎👎👎15

Natini is here

Horrible 👎🏼1 star

This was just bad. Jokes weren’t even funny. Also, their just stolen 2018 memes. Some are also inappropriate for kids. Also, that Steve laugh is so violent.15


Good4 star

I. I think it’s good but it should be a little more mature45


Terrible1 star

The book’s free, which should be a major pointer that it’s bad. Also, the entire thing is made up of stolen memes and jokes. The book’s title is claiming that it’s made for kids, but it’s not. It has quite a few dirty jokes in there. It also has an above average rating because it’s been botted with 5 star ratings.15


What?2 star

Hi I'm Sophia and I'm 7 years old but these jokes aren't funny and I find vines funny! And I don't get the the bed rock and the obsidian jokes but I don't think there appropriate I don't laugh to most memes but no one would laugh to these like cmon!25


Never pay for this book.1 star

Only worth it because it was free.15

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