12 Tips for Writing

12 Tips for Writing Summary

Any aspiring novelist or short story writer could do with some more tips on writing. The book is written by an author who has been published for more than 15 years. And more recently has been published online. He shares his experience of writing for anyone who wants to write.
This is a ‘how to’ book for aspiring fiction writers that answers many questions he or she may have. The book is gives 12 tips for aspiring fiction authors. It is a quick easy read packed with useful advice.

The tips offered in this book the author learned from years of writing experience. And he is glad to share them if it helps anyone not make the same mistakes he did. The book can help the reader to write well and at the same time enjoy their writing experience.

The author is a hobbyist writer who improved his work up to professional standards in order to better do his hobby, and because he wanted to share his work and have others enjoy it. And to get his 15 minutes of fame.

This he succeeded in. And he’s glad to share these 12 tips for writing.

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Hopeful contestant.

Decent5 star

Only 5/12 applied to me, but they were very helpful.55


Great4 star

This really helped a lot.45


Out of dates1 star

These 12 Tips are something a 12 year old could come up with. What a disappointment! Nothing new. Poor writing and lots of repetition. I'm amazed at what can get published.15

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