Drive Topless and Speak with Confidence!

Drive Topless and Speak with Confidence! Summary

A short read that will introduce an unconventional way of alleviating your fear of public speaking.

Book Reviews

scot Bowser

Short and sweet5 star

Gets to the point quickly55


Short but worth a read3 star

Much shorter than I thought it would be. Only a small set of stories as to how the writer overcame their own problems, with no real advice or suggestions as to how you can overcome your own. Worth a free download, as it was slightly entertaining, but ultimately disappointing.35


Do 4 pages really count as a book?3 star

Interesting and positive message but, author comes across as pretty self absorbed and boastful..... Do 4 pages written on an iPad, really count as a book these days?35


From Zach5 star

Hey guy! it’s a great little book you wrote. It reminds me of how I used to be. Insomnia!!55


it okay3 star

hello i really excited to read this book35


What?1 star

So basically this guy is saying all you have to do to eliminate self consciousness is to buy a convertible. Honestly a waste of time and unhelpful.15

Nerd fan

Very Enlightening5 star

See title55


Easy read5 star

An easy read! I'm looking forward to applying these ideas to my next presentation.55

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