The Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution of the United States of America Summary


This book is a Must Have if you’re an citizen of these United States.
It has all the essential documents from early America including the Paris Peace Treaty, 
which is almost always left out of collections like this.

The words full of emotion in all of the writings of the founders of the U.S.A. are inspiring.
It’s so funny to see that words that are well over 200 years old are still so refreshing even today.

In an era where the central government has become grossly bloated and ignores the constitution in a majority of its day-to-day activities, knowledge of the constitution is more important than ever

But, now you have a handy way to keep a copy with you at all times so you will never have a doubt about what it says.

So, Get it Now read it, know it, while we still have it! The concepts are disappearing fast.

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Incomplete1 star



Not complete2 star

Where are the amendments?25


ehiovw3 star

I’m not sure if my ibooks is having a problem or not, but all I get is the constitution itself, but the description says it has more. I don’t even get ammendments or anything else at all.35

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