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Only British dislike this2 star

The British are still salty25

Brad Reviews

Timeless5 star

This declaration, as unlikely as it was, served as the pivotal moment where humanity first declared that it could change its circumstances for the better, and wasn’t confined to misery and oppression forever, regardless of what any other group or individual had to say about it.55

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Aye!!5 star

I love it very educational55

Emo_Unicorn ._.

Ye5 star

Dis book is so sick. But just remember, children, "bum" spelled backwards is "mud" *drops mic*55


Powerful5 star

What a powerful moving document. The clear reasoning of our Declaration of Independence gave no doubt of the burdens that lead us to Revolution. With the blessing of God this document has stood as America’s gem stone for 239 years.55


Missing the signatures3 star

It missing the signatures! John Hancock's signature is so well-known, why isn't it and the others here?35


Schagene5 star

Good book. On the declaration is always a good book to read.55


A must read5 star

It is absolutely amazing to read this book, but really think about what it says. These men chose to do the right thing even though they could have been caught and killed, I think people lost their sight of what is really important in life. If you really believe this then apply it. Our world keeps getting worse because of us. If we could just go back and fix the mistakes this country made things wouldn't be so bad. One other thing if we want to get better we need we need to get God back, He is the only reason we are here and alive, by His goodness and His mercy.55

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Awesome5 star

This is pretty a pretty solid document55


3/5. Hoping the sequel will be better3 star

Unbelievable main character. George Washington spoiled the ending for me. Antagonist good, had lots of development, definitely somewhat of a mysterious figure. Almost antihero, but not quite. Hoping the sequel will be better.35

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