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One of Canadian artist Emily Carr’s paintings sold for more than $3.3 million in 2013, setting a record for work by a Canadian woman. And Carr was just as gifted as an author as she was a painter.

In Klee Wyck she shares literary sketches of her experiences among the First Nations of Canada’s west coast. We travel alongside Carr as she meets generous and curious people who, despite their initial distrust, open their hearts and minds to Klee Wyck (the "Laughing One"), as they call her. Carr describes the poverty and challenges these indigenous communities face, and she marvels at their pride, traditions, and the artistry of their totem poles. Be on the lookout for sections of Carr’s memoir that were originally removed, including a portrait of a mixed-race family and vignettes condemning European missionaries. These deleted passages were finally released in 2004.

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Time gone by4 star

A white colonist’s perspective of indigenous peoples in BC, Canada in the 1900’s. While the racism is tempered with compassion & some respect and a bit of admiration, it remains a white perspective. Author gets to experience a diverse section of First Nations villages and record them through her art and her memoir.45


Amazing5 star

It’s free, just read it, it’s a beautiful book. You’ll love it55


Loved it!5 star

Didn’t know what to expect, and really enjoyed the expressive writing style of the extraordinary author. Makes me wish I had known her, in some ways now I do!55

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