Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 2

Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 2 Summary

"Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 2" is a revolutionary text that like the 5 star rated volume 1 teaches bedside ultrasound in a more efficient, directed format than previous texts.  It accomplishes this with a plethora of multimedia adjuncts.  Instead of simply reading about ultrasound pathology and protocols, the reader watches actual videos and demonstrations of the pathology from directly within the book while reading.  Volume 1 has received incredibly rave reviews, but Volume 2 is as good or better with more content, advanced techniques, more video, and more demonstrations.  The experience is closer to bedside learning with a true expert than reading a traditional textbook. 

Book Reviews

Вадим Вус

Найкращий віртуальний тренінг з УЗД5 star

Чудова книга. Сучасна подача інформації (з відео та підкресленими основними речами) і дуже позитивна в мотивації використовувати УЗД неспеціалістам. Дякую.55


Great book.5 star

Great book. Must read by all intensivists and emergency medicine physicians. Hats off to Dr Dawson and colleagues for such painstaking work.55

Frankoff 82

Great for Students5 star

I recommend this for my students as our textbook.55


Outstanding5 star

I don't understand how a book of this quality is under 30 bucks. These guys understand their audience and are advancing the field with contributions like this. A+. I am using this book to catch up with my residents on a skill that is actively changing medicine.55


portcoll5 star

A must-have resource!55


Fantastic!5 star

Innovative and informative. Highly recommend.55


Must Read5 star

Great use of media55


Well Written and very Informative5 star

As a very novice user of Point-of-Care Ultrasound, I can not stress how useful this text and the previous text have been. It is interactive, intuitive, complete, and easily understandable. Easily the best text on the market for new or experienced learners.55


Great reference for real time use5 star

I use this book as an ER resident on every shift. So easy to open up on iPad and get a quick refresher, great pics and videos, intuitive instructions for practical use. Highly recommended55


Will be on my iPad forever!5 star

This book is spectacular! Great reference, well written and easy to use. A must have for anyone looking to integrate ultrasound into their practice.55

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