Remembrance Photo: The Screenplay

Remembrance Photo: The Screenplay Summary

In the Antebellum South, when a family was about to lose a child to yellow fever or small pox, a photograph of the dying child would be commissioned. A desperate and frightening memento, it was called a remembrance photo. Three days ago, ten-year-old Steven Haggerty, son of successful attorney and true crime author Richard Haggerty, disappeared from a playground near his Marin County home. This morning, Richard received a manila envelope in his San Francisco office stamped with a New Orleans postmark. The envelope contained a sepia-toned photograph virtually identical to a remembrance photo from the 1800’s. Except the child in the photo was Steven. Now Richard must return to New Orleans, the city where he began his career. The city from which he escaped, leaving behind a dark secret. The city where someone from his past is holding his son. Remembrance Photo is a dark thriller that takes its audience on a journey through the shadowy underbelly of New Orleans and the surrounding swampy woods and bayous of southern Louisiana. It contains a strong but flawed male protagonist, a dangerous and terrifying antagonist and a series of disturbing twists leading to a shocking conclusion.

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