The Essence of Evil

The Essence of Evil Summary

He’s your attacker.

He’s a murderer.

He’s your twin. 

When DI Dani Stephens returns to work after an attack that almost ended her life, she’s quickly plunged into a horrific new case, as dead bodies are discovered on the streets of Birmingham.

But with no link between the victims, Dani has to get inside the killer’s mind - so turns to the murderer she knows best. Her own twin brother…

But what makes a psychopath? Can understanding her twin help her find a murderer who leaves no trace? As the circle closes on Dani, the clock is ticking and she needs a breakthrough – before she becomes the latest victim.

A heart-stopping crime thriller that fans of Peter James and Mark Billingham won’t be able to put down.

Book Reviews


Essence of evil5 star

So good! Kept my attention I couldn’t put it down55


Hard to put it down!5 star

Needless to say read this book in three days! Great thriller with lots of interesting twists and surprises. Definitely recommend.55


Fascinating read5 star

Well written, really engaging characters and great plot twists. Already purchased book 2 and can’t wait to start it. Highly recommend this series and author.55


Essence of evil4 star

Good book. Weird plot.45


Wow!4 star

I really didn’t see that coming! I was getting a little confused towards the end.45


Thoroughly unlikeable main character3 star

Dani should be a sympathetic character. She’s been through a lot. And TBIs are fascinating. I studied them a bit in school as part of a psychology degree. But writing a main character whose brain injury has rendered surly, prone to insane fits of rage and poor judgment-especially when the reader didn’t know her previously as presumably a not-horrible person-is quite a gamble. I just couldn’t bring myself to care what happened to Dani one way or the other.35

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