Claiming Her Innocence

Claiming Her Innocence Summary

She’s funny, sweet, and she has a smile that lights up every room. I’m A tall, ripped ex-soldier… and I’m supposed to be her best friend.
My new hobby? I like to imagine how it could be more but I know that the relationship is all in my head. I can’t risk what we have for something intangible… I fantasize about her day and night. She’s a walking, talking fantasy… and she’s only a hair’s breadth away. But one wrong move could take what I value most. And once she looks my way for just a second, I don’t know how I could possibly let her go...

I make her a deal. Be my fake relationship for a month and get the cash she needs to start her own business. Her bright smile and sexy as sin figure are just the cherry on top on my sundae.

I’m done with women. I swear that I won’t touch her. I even signed a contract.

But the more I see her, the more I want her… and I don’t think I can let her walk away.

Book Reviews

Crazy not lazy

Claiming Her Innocence4 star

Not what I expected. Good characters and story-setting. I wanted more to happen to Will, then what actually did. Good outcome.45


KaCee5 star

Who doesn’t enjoy the alpha male55


Okay read3 star

It was an okay read. But I was confused on the title? When were they ever a fake couple???35


Great5 star

Loved the story but the description summary was not the story at all but loved it any way!!55

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