Manga Drawing

Manga Drawing Summary

This complete guide will help you master the basics of manga drawing in no time!
Practice with these 80 step-by-step exercises and you'll soon be on your way to creating your very own manga.

Book Reviews

salty ramen man

Good4 star

So good Just what I needed but the ads were annoying and inappropriate45


Trap: Not what it says it is1 star

Content is not what it cover says it is. Second page has the word erotic. And has a picture of women’s legs with fishnet tights. I didn’t look further.15


Yuck1 star


Reagan Mordecai

So helpful5 star

I was never good at drawing anime characters until I found this book. I still need to practice but I’m glad I found this book55


What are those ads!!!!!1 star

I thought it would be a how to draw manga book but then it had all of those sex ads in the beginning would not recommend for people. I would rate it zero stars but I can’t so...15


It’s not that bad3 star

Everything is good about yet it didn’t show how to draw and add details to the hair and the drawing style and poses look kind of erotic so it’s kind of gross yet useful35

prophet nanotech

Good5 star



Parents Beware!!1 star

Ok I was happy that it was free until I downloaded it and there are several pages that are advertising inappropriate books with near nude photos. My 10 year old was interested in learning to draw comics and people and this was a mistake15



Don’t let your kid download this. It’s full of links to sex books. Holy moly.15


Bored1 star

Too many ads Bored Hate it Don’t download 🤮🤮15

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