Self-love Summary

Self love is a book written basing on the life of moses devoss, he teaches how to be happy, and how to learn to love yourself, when everyone else can't love you, they have betrayed you, you can stilk be the happiest loner.

Book Reviews


Loved it5 star

I love this I can read this everyday such a an amazing book55


Phenomenal book5 star


mrs Danyele James

Mr. Moses I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for this book it really helped me5 star

I was in a dark spot and it made me understand what love is and how to love yourself and what not to allow and I just want to tell you keep writing great books like this and keep touching hearts and helping people change I’m really inspired by your book thank you again55


Self-love the happiest loner5 star

This book is just amazing highly recommended i promise you will love it55

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