Self Reliance

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"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines."
Here is a relic from America’s foremost teacher Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Self Reliance is a must-read for anyone who wishes to grow a “backbone”.

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Good book3 star

Good book35


Free for a reason…1 star

There’s a reason why this book is free and the more time and effort I put into the book the more I was left dissatisfied. The author has no sense of course when writing sentences and to even begin to explain what is being conveyed is baffling….15

DEE 1816

Amazing5 star

Profound thoughts from a profound man!55


Thought provoking4 star

The entire book made you think, compare and contrast, analyze and debate within yourself45


Reassuring words5 star

Essential for life55

Tlinscomb 8922

Excellent essay for modern people5 star

Very relevant read for all of us in this time where we are afraid to have our own thoughts unless someone else has already voiced them.55

M.J. Stafford

Blahblahblah3 star

I see what he is getting at, but I find his grammar stilted, antiquated and hard to follow.35


trash1 star

waste of time. write like a normal human in normal english please15


Simple and Effective5 star

I’m I teenager about to go to college and I think everyone my age should read this book. It’s short it’s message is clear despite being in old English and it really relates to a proper creed to live by.55

The KD1

Self Reliance3 star

Wonderful read. However, I may not agree with everything but It definitely broadened my perspective. Bookmarks for days. I advise any man or women with strong sense of virtue to read; as well as those with little to none.35

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