A Graphic Guide to Greek Mythology

A Graphic Guide to Greek Mythology Summary

A Graphic Guide to Greek Mythology takes a look back at some of the most illustrious Gods, monsters and creatures from the great stories of Ancient Greece. Each page is fully illustrated in a contemporary style accompanied alongside descriptive passages of text.

Book Reviews


Just random facts2 star

It was ok. Just a lot of facts with not really any connection. Illustrations were very vibrant.25


Vector art is alright4 star

Duplicated at Lamia, changed up from last time I checked, needs update with time stamp45

im mad read this and help me

Goodish1 star

I guess it was ok. Did really learn anything15


Eh could be better1 star

Ummmmm I love Greek Mythology and am VERY disappointed in this book!15


Very good5 star

I enjoy Greek mythology. This book is very good.55

iesha nicole

More for children 5th grade and younger4 star

Very goodfor younger kids45


Great5 star

It was good for me to understand Greek a little more55

Kaj Mayrweiser

Great Free Read5 star

Great short read for a beginners introduction to mythology. My baby boy loves it, the illustrations are very stimulating for his young eyes55


Okay3 star

This was not the best book about Greek mythology but it is still okay.It needs some more like wise photos of the gods.35

Lou the laugh a lot

Doesn't give a lot of facts2 star


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