No Place to Die (Murder in the Keys—Book #1)

No Place to Die (Murder in the Keys—Book #1) Summary

“In NO PLACE TO DIE, Jaden Skye creates a set of characters that are very well developed, and makes you cheer for our heroine on every page. The environment and the overall description of scenes are superb, making you feel the suspense in the air the whole time. Jaden Skye is a natural story teller and the plot is intelligent and intense, developing at a nice pace. The book was well edited and is an easy read...I can hardly wait to put my hands on the second volume of this series….I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that enjoy a well written suspense/romance.”
--Books and Movie Reviews (Roberto Mattos)

NO PLACE TO DIE is book #1 in a new romantic suspense series by #1 bestselling author Jaden Skye!

Olivia and Todd, madly in love, fly down to Key West when Todd offers to take her on a surprise trip for a magical weekend. Though they have only been dating five months, Olivia can’t help but wonder if Todd is preparing to pop the big question along the beautiful shores.

Yet Olivia’s paradise quickly turns to hell when Todd dies right before her eyes, in a tragic accident.

Or was it?

Olivia sinks further into the abyss as the police wonder if she did it, and finds herself backed into a corner, having to prove her innocence while finding out if Todd was truly murdered. Yet as she searches, entering the underbelly of Key West, forced to deal with unsavory locals and with Todd’s difficult and grieving family, she discovers things about Todd that she wished she never knew—discoveries that make her realize that she never really knew the man she loved at all. 

NO PLACE TO DIE is book #1 in an explosive new romantic suspense series filled with love, tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal and suspense, one that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 

Book #2 is also now available!

Jaden is also author of the #1 Bestselling series MURDER IN THE CARIBBEAN, which begins with DEATH BY HONEYMOON (Book #1), a download with over 200 five star reviews!

Book Reviews


No Place to Die5 star

I loved it!!! I was unable to put it down 💜55


No place to die is amazing5 star

I loved everything about this book, the ending was weird but overall it was great.55


Great location5 star

I like the way she describes the scenery I feel like I’m in a different place. I think most of us can relate to the man we’re with having secrets as well.55


No Place to Die3 star

A little wacky, but a quick, easy read. ~Nance35


No place to die1 star

The book was not well written, characters all seemed really immature and always yelling due to the constant use of exclamation points! As soon as they brought up the person who turned out to be the killer I knew who it was. It reminded me of the writing and acting in a bad lifetime movie.15


The Worst1 star

This is definitely the worst book I’ve ever read. There is NO character development-all of the characters are dumb, boring, wealthy, and beautiful. The dialogue is incomprehensibly stupid and oh, so repetitive. It reads like it was written by a poorly-educated, self-absorbed 14 year old. The only reason I finished it is because that’s what I do...I finish books I’ve started. That being said, I wish I could have the time back that I put into reading this tripe, to say nothing of the cruelly murdered brain cells I wish I still had that were lost while it was being read. Do NOT waste your time! It is really that horrifically bad. I wish zero stars were an option...15


No place to vanish3 star

Read all 5 books and they are entertaining but you really need a proofreader. If I remember right this book even had the characters switched in one area.35

The Cajun Lady

No Place to Die1 star

I couldn’t get the first star to change but it is a 5 star book! I was engaged the entire time I had to read and couldn’t wait to get to my iPad again. A great story, a sad ending and lots of intrigue in between. I so wanted the two lovers to be married and have a wonderful life‼️. Was surprised and intrigued as you took us to various characters and her search to find out who killed her beloved Todd; or so she thought. We had just returned from a mini vaca in Key West so I felt as though I was there experiencing the sadness. This is the first book of yours I’ve read, and I’ll be keeping my lists of your books purse so whenever I am near books I can look for more. I read “Free Books” most of the time on my iPad and iPhone. Just so convenient! I also use Book Bub and find a variety of great books. Will also have our local library to get them for me. Again, thanks for a great read, keep on doing what you do the best. Melanie BG15


No Place to Die5 star

Interesting! Mind blowing ending!!!55


No Place to Die1 star

It was predictable.15

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