Shades of Silence

Shades of Silence Summary

Julianna Sandoval is living in limbo. Her husband’s plane has vanished over the Atlantic Ocean and although the Coast Guard has suspended the search, she clings to hope that he’ll still be found alive. Three months later, a young woman appears after hours at Julianna’s Ormond Beach restaurant, declaring, “He’s not who you think he is.” Before the stranger can say anything else, a gunshot through the window kills her instantly. Seasoned detective Paul Grant is assigned to investigate the girl’s murder. He senses that the shooting was not random but doesn’t know the connection to his only witness. Was the girl referring to Julianna’s presumed dead husband, her lazy stepson, her shady bar manager, or someone else? The investigation leaves Julianna wondering who she can trust and culminates with an eerie link to the past that no one sees coming.

Book Reviews

Clean romancer

Shades of silence5 star

A book to keep me reading w/o stopping. Good plot. Well written.55


Great read5 star

I couldn’t stop reading till the end. I had to find out what happened. I was not disappointed! Warning there are child trafficking parts. It made the story more impactful but also sorrow. Save the CHILDREN. WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK NOW!55


Shades of Silence5 star

Because of the excellent mystery and storyline I gave you a 5 rating but I was so disappointed with the ending. I guess you have to read between the lines but I wished for a little bit more of a ending.55


Great book4 star

Subject matter on human trafficking was spot on. It’s so sad how they traffic young boys and girls. The monsters that pay for that stuff need to be castrated and incarcerated for life! This was a good story and Angelle’s story was riveting. Good job at writing this.45

tTerry F

Shakes of silence5 star

I like it was very interesting from the beginning and I can’t stop reading55


Liked4 star

It was entertaining.45


Very good5 star

It was an interesting book and kept your interest till end. Lots of suspects. The ending though was like stopping in the middle of a sentence. Bam and no more. Could have been a bit better for my tastes.55


Shades of Silence2 star

What an intriguing story and brilliant writing, but, I absolutely can’t imagine how you could have such a blunt ending!!!25


Great book!5 star

Would love to see a follow up, even a series as these characters have depth with interesting backgrounds. I couldn’t put it down.55


Excellent!5 star

This book was one of the best ebooks I have downloaded. Sorry I couldn't put it down because it was such a great read!55

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