Understanding Men: Know What He's Really Thinking, Show Him You're the One, Why Men Pull Away, Why He's Afraid to Commit & How to Read Him Like a Book

Understanding Men: Know What He's Really Thinking, Show Him You're the One, Why Men Pull Away, Why He's Afraid to Commit & How to Read Him Like a Book Summary

Learn Secrets About How Men Think, What Their Words & Actions Really Mean That Most Women Will Never Know

It's time to learn the secrets about how men think and how to be that women he'll never want to let go. In Understanding Men, that's exactly what you'll get:

Learn The Secret Psychological Loophole In The Male Mind

•  The Key Differences Between Mature & Immature Men
•  How To Spot A Good Guy Worth Keeping
•  Understanding The Man That Wants To Capture Your Heart
•  Why Men Need Distance & How To Not Push Him Away
•  The 5 Questions To Find Out How Well A Man Handles Relationships
•  The Biggest Reason Men Run Away
•  7 Keys To Sharing Your Needs & Wants Without Turning Him Off
•  Two Types of Male Commitments

Discover How To Make Him Crave You & Keep His Attention

•  Why Men Cheat & How You Can Prevent It
•  The 7 Ways Women Make Men Lose Interest Slowly
•  The 6 Ways To Communicate Your Feelings & Bring Him Closer To You
•  Using The Power Of The Pussy To Communicate In The “Male Language”

How To Get The Guy & Show Him You’re The One

•  The Top Four Ways To Show Your Interest  In Him & Keep Him Interested
•  Learn Who’s In Charge Of The Relationship
•  What To Say & Do That Makes A Man Want To Commit
•  Do You Say These Things?… It Scares Men Away

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P.S. Don't let this relationship advice for women book go unless you never want to learn how to attract men by understanding how they think! These are the secrets about what men want women to know.

Book Reviews

Callie Munson

Understanding Men5 star

This book brought light to a curtain situation I am going through. It also helped to pinpoint areas of the relationship that manifested into the current situation. Really enjoyed the book and it’s a short read!55

jacelina fernades

Recommend 100%4 star

Very good book. Just a few typos but other than that, the other explains everything very well:) super interesting!!45


I love this book5 star

This book was the best book I have read.It got me to understand who I’m dating.What I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.I recommend every female to read this book. It was amazing and I completely enjoyed it 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌55


Enjoyed it5 star

Great read literally couldn’t put it down. Definitely gives a realistic explanation of the things we worry ourselves about when starting and continuing our relationships. Definitely applied a few principles and I am more confident in my relationship because I am comfortable with myself. At the end of the day we are human... trust, communication. Simple principles.55

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Understanding Men5 star

I enjoyed this insightful book. The writer gave a break down on mechanics of the guys brain. It was interesting and oddly how alike in thoughts both sex struggles with. The truth in the fact that neither sex wants to hear the negative things on a first date. This does make people tend to decide to no repeat date. The main point I got was that guys have feelings and have same insecurities as women do. He also stated that we are not all alike in personality so the attraction to another is the same. What he was trying to accomplish here I thought he did it well. Most people when dating want to enjoy the experience, get to know a person. Spotting mature and immature actions was a definite help. Overall I got some insight from this book, I would recommend it to others.55


Excellent advice5 star

Loved this book - it’s a quick and easy read that I would definitely recommend to any friend!55



I think this book is very relatable and helpful so ladies, check it out, it should be able to calm down at least 99.99% of your worries about men :)55


My favorite ❤️5 star

Its incredible how this book changed my mind and way to act. I would highly recommend it ❤️55


Great Read !5 star

Great Read. It captured the great essence of not just understanding of men, but of women and overall the simplicity of humanity as well. The simplicity of understanding each other and keep life move seamlessly through relationships. Married or dating? This book sheds light on the key understanding of making it all work. So much to be carried and applied to common and uncommon of relationships. Will read again and keep in my library.55

R K Steining

What can I say?5 star

As an avid man, I have to say, this helped me realize my deepest, darkest inner demons and banish this to the nether regions. 6.5 out of 5!55

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