The Bible, Old and New Testaments, King James Version

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I am not religious3 star

I am not religious but I decide that I should read this Also I saw someone write that god is the author that’s really stupid and if you thought for one second then you might have realized that they can’t put him as an author because some people don’t believe in him35


Thank you for making this free of charge5 star

Thanks to the person who uploaded this excellent version of the Bible for free. People who charge for the Bible on the App Store should be ashamed of themselves.55


That's ok5 star

Judge not. Good will defeat evil. May your hearts be genuine and receive Him, and your souls be cleansed in following Him.55

Ron  Weasley

Author Known1 star

I haven't really read this edition. I am just writing this because I don't agree with the "AUTHOR UNKNOWN" on the cover. The author is known. God is the author of the Bible.15

Elf Noah

God5 star

Is good all the time55


Great5 star

Reading about the lord and savior Jesus Christ always brightens my day55


I'm an atheist1 star

I'm going to get it any ways because I like to learn about religion and prove hateful Christians wrong15


Praise him5 star

The lords word is always great!55


Good5 star



It's okay for free2 star

There is no way to look up passages in each book by chapter and verse. You have to flip pages to find the reference. Too tedious to be useful for me.25

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