Winter Untold

Winter Untold Summary

When Jace accepts a job that has him traveling all over the country, Bayleigh wonders how their relationship can survive on random text messages and intermittent phone calls. Frustrated by his popularity on Facebook and jealous of all the parties he's attending, she finds comfort and friendship in Chase, the guy who just moved in next door.

The Entire Series

Book 1 - Summer Unplugged
Book 2 - Autumn Unlocked
Book 3 - Winter Untold
Book 4 - Spring Unleashed
Book 5 - The Beginning of Forever (a novel)
Book 6 - Autumn Adventure
Book 7 - Winter Wonderful
Book 8 - The Girl with my Heart (a novel from Jace's point of view)
Book 9 ā€“ Autumn Awakening
Book 10 ā€“ Winter Whirlwind

Plus the spin-off series:

The Summer Series
Summer Alone
Summer Together
Summer Apart
Summer Forever

Jett's Series
Believe in Me
Believe in Us
Believe in Forever

Book Reviews


Great book!5 star

Iā€™m obsessed with this series55


Good5 star

I liked that it was a good sized book and it was interesting55


Still love it3 star

Can they make these into a tv series?!? So in love35

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