Hood: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Hood: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel Summary

My name is Rob Huntington. If this new world has shown me anything, it's that once things are taken from you, they are never coming back.

Good thing I never was a fast learner.

Rob "Hood" Huntington never wanted this life. When civilization collapses, he quickly realizes he's a naturally gifted marksman. But he hates violence. When his family is ripped from him amidst a war between two wasteland kings, how long can he hold onto his ideals? 

And how far is he willing to go to to save the ones he loves?

A Legend Is Reborn in the American Apocalypse.

Over 2,000,000 pages read in the first year of publication!

"This post apocalyptic tale is one of those rare reads where writing skill, imagination and just plain grit combine to make a story worth reading." -Zev Paiss

The American Rebirth Series
#1 Hood 
#2 Legends 
#3 American Rebirth (to be released WINTER 2017/18)

If you enjoyed I Am Legend, The Road, The Walking Dead, or The Last of Us, you won't want to miss HOOD!

Book Reviews


Hood3 star

Average apocalypse thriller.35


Very good book to read5 star



Unexpected, but awesome.5 star

Finished this whole series in a week and a half while at work. Well written, couple spelling/grammar errors but nothing that couldnt be overlooked by the compelling story at hand. Not predictable which made it more enjoying to read55


Action-packed3 star

From battle to battle, you can feel the desperation and will of the apocalypse survivors. Hood is a compelling character, as he struggles with the violence of his world.35

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