Habits Summary

Want to learn how to be part of the 5% that seem to get everything they want?

 Look no further this book has the answer that will completely transform your life by teaching you the techniques of good and highly effective habit creation! This book is sure create the path to allow you to live more fulfilled and happy.

This book will give you the techniques that will allow you to change your bad habits for good, you will learn about the different  ways that highly effective habits can be used to attract money, health and over all happiness into your life. 

This book is a great way to start your journey toward enriching your life through the power of effective habit creation. This book will provide you with the confidence that you need in order to take on any current or future challenges in your life. Here you will learn about the important role that habits play in your everyday lives and the ways to successfully implement them to get everything possible out of life to achieve anything you want.

 We will also discuss how creating good habits can influence in other aspects of life such as confidence and self-esteem.  Read this book if you are tired of not being able to accomplish the things and goals you have set for yourself in the past or for the future, it is sure to provide you great insight and inspiration to transform yourself into someone you never thought you could become. 

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Book Reviews

Herb W.III

Short and powerful5 star

Looking for a book straightforward? Well, you’ve found it, “ Habits” hoped right into from start to finish. Breaks it down and makes the methods simple to remember for daily use.55


Nice book5 star

Easy to read and brings simple and good practice ideas55


Reassurance4 star

This book has just reassured that the steps I’m taking to better myself are correct. That I’m heading in the right direction.45


43 pages of GREATNESS 🔥5 star

Hands down got me back into believing in myself and my goals. 10/1055

Worlds Mindset

10-10 Rating5 star

Great book!55

nakiaya d

.4 star

This was a very helpful book. There were some grammar mistakes but other than that this book is great.45


Great5 star

Great tips to create and maintain new routines.55


Life changing5 star

Great book!55


Motivating5 star

Helped me reevaluate and get me back on track. Reminded me of my forgotten motivation I knew I had but couldn’t find and now I’m ready to pursue a more positive life style55


I like it5 star

Very nice55

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