The Age of AnXiety

The Age of AnXiety Summary

Despite the hedonistic society our generation has grown up in, we’re largely unhappy. It’s been estimated in the last year that nearly 40% of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder of some kind. It’s the most common form of mental illness in the United States, trumping depression. 

In this age of instantaneity, we’ve lost our ability to wait. For love, for gratification, for attention– we struggle with rapid heart beats, tapping feet and anguish. The technological advances that were meant to welcome an age of luxury have inadvertently created an age of anxiety. This is what it’s like to live with the irrational fear of fear, this is what it’s like for generation x, growing up in the Age of AnXiety.

Book Reviews


Insightful Book4 star

This is a great book. Easy to read with good examples of how to recognize anxiety & deal with it. There are some helpful suggestions that I thought was great for dealing with anxiety.45

Rinah Macharia

Absolutely fantastic.5 star

This book elucidated anxiety so well and I felt heard and seen through each chapter. Thank you to all the incredible people who shared the story! You are not your sickness or anxiety.55


thank you5 star

it was amazing.55

Prof. writer

Relatable and Enlightening5 star

The pure openness of the writers was something to be admired. Anxiety is not easy to speak about and I found myself both relating to some antidotes and learning from others. Highly recommend this book55


Good book5 star

Fell in love with this book!!!! I got the free sample and totally worth the read55


Great Read!5 star

This book helped me laugh at some of the things I fret over throughout the day... and also helped me feel less alone in it.55


Waste of a read1 star

This book is opinionated and not suited for people who are looking to cope with anxiety. It does however, give you an insight to an anxious mind if you are blessed enough to not know what that’s like. It’s a waste of time because it’s just this guy having a pity party trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. What’s wrong with him is that he needs a better editor because the amount of typos is unprofessional. I can’t write but I’d expect someone being paid to write a dinky little book to have at least proofread.15


Nice5 star

Very nice55


change the life style5 star

Thank you for detail observation, and point on exact problem, which all of us see, but only few understand the real cause. You make me start evolutation of my life and how I can change it before I will be completely crazy in 10 years. Thank you!55

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