The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go Summary

We often struggle to let some people go especially when they made that decision. We question the universe, we question ourselves and we question everyone around us but we never truly get our answers. Letting someone go takes time, patience and commitment to actively stop ourselves from relapsing and thinking about that person again. The Art Of Letting Go helps you understand why, how and when you should let someone go so you can move on and never look back.

Book Reviews


Amazing5 star

Loved this book, helped me so much!55


great!5 star

amazing! loved it55

Tori from Texas

Letting Go and Moving on5 star

Great Book!55


Good read5 star

A little dramatic, but if you can separate that, and take it the lesson, the drama in it is only to grasp your attention to receive the message.55


art of letting go3 star

I liked the book but didn’t like how it referred to the person I want to let go as a he.35


The art of letting go4 star

loved it!45


“The art of letting go”by Rania Naim5 star

Reassures that is not easy, or romantic to fall out of love, but is a way to became a better person.55


Horrible1 star

Just a collection of Whining women.15

lee loe

The art of letting go5 star

It helped me overcome my sadness; it was a great book to read and help you be a better person.55


Recommended for girls to read5 star

Love is mysterious sometime. Never underprice yourself. Always strive to be the best self, and what you deserve will be there for you.55

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