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Body image. Two little words that spark so many thoughts and emotions to absolutely anyone who hears them. Some days you wake up feeling like the hottest person in the world. And other days the mirror is your worst enemy. Self-love and learning to love your body is a journey we're all on, every single day. No matter where you're at on your journey, you just need to know that your body is great, your body is strong, and your body is beautiful.

Self-love and body confidence may be difficult, but you're worth it.

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Prof. writer

Encouraging but lacking uniqueness3 star

I felt many of the pieces in this book lacked originality, though it is encouraging in its entirety. Some of the writers could have been pushed further to explore further unique ideals on this subject.35


Worth it5 star

Excellent read. Especially for young women.55


Amazing book!5 star

A perfect insight on how to be comfortable in your own skin. Worth it.55


Eye opening5 star

This is truly an amazing and well written book. It delves deep into everything that involves loving yourself. Sitting here, reading this, felt like I was reading a long letter that I wrote to myself from the future. It made me realize a lot (:55

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