Gluten-Free Miniature Desserts

Gluten-Free Miniature Desserts Summary

The only thing better than traditional dessert is an adorably small dessert you can pick up with your fingers and devour in a few sumptuous bites. Cake pops, mini pies, and tiny tarts are everyone’s favorite new treats, and it’s no wonder—they’re cute, they’re fun, and they’re small enough that you can sample one of each at a party!

For the growing population with gluten allergies or sensitivity, dessert is tricky territory. Gehring, who has been gluten-free for three years, has experienced many of the pitfalls of gluten-free cooking and baking so you don’t have to! She and her husband, Lawrence, have developed more than sixty recipes you’ll have fun making and feel great eating.

• Ginger peach tartlets
• Chocolate peanut butter cake pops
• Meringue nests with citrus cream
• Candied orange peel
• Macarons
• Mini red velvet cupcakes
• Chocolate chip cheesecakes
• Blackberry pies with honey lavender cream
• Coconut sorbet shots
• Maple walnut truffles

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