Chakras for Beginners: a Practical Guide to Heal and Balance Yourself through the Power of Chakras

Chakras for Beginners: a Practical Guide to Heal and Balance Yourself through the Power of Chakras Summary

Awaken and Unleash Yourself Through the Power of Your Chakras!

Our universe is a ball of energy – every entity and emitting energy, from the vast ocean to the tiniest microorganism, to every cell in
the human body. Our cells radiate energy in various ways and different classes of cells emit different kinds of energy. The intensity of energy depends on the location of the cell and its functionality within the body. It does not come as a surprise that energy channels are positioned in key points in the body based on the specific nature of the energy. These key points, called chakras, are responsible for the energy flow in and out at a steady pace. 
The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word which means wheel. A chakra can be viewed as a wheel-spinning vortex that spins in a circular motion, thereby creating a vacuum in the center. The vacuum attracts energy that has the same frequency as the motion of the chakra. There are hundreds of chakras in the body that have a significant effect on every being in the universe.
Chakras are positioned across various parts of our body and account for the specific illnesses and imbalances in that area of the body. These issues can be corrected when the decayed energy is released from the body. The energy centers can remove any tension or rigidity in specific areas of the body. They also play a significant role in maintaining your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 
When the unwanted energy is released, it not only helps to clear the physical state of the body but also helps to balance the emotional state of mind. The energy flows through all the chakras. This helps to establish a degree of balance in your body. An imbalance of energy in any chakra will lead to ailments. If you find yourself falling ill frequently, or feeling a particular emotion often, you should use techniques which will help you strike a balance of energy in your body. 
Chakra healing helps to regulate the natural flow of energy throughout the body. This process is also called chakra balancing since you will restore the balance of energy across all the chakras in your body. A well-balanced chakra can give you a relaxed, vital and centered feeling. It improves the wellness and embodiment of self.
Over the course of this book, you will gather information on chakras. The chapters will concentrate on what chakras are, the different types of chakras, the healing process using chakras and the importance of well-balanced chakras.

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Great for beginner5 star

For me, Understanding and awareness is key to begin to heal. This book is clear and to the point. It stays on topic and leaves more to learn in later sessions.55


Informational4 star

Complete overview about Chakras for beginners and a couple of suggestions for beginners like me so thank you, it is very helpful!45

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