All About Gymnastics

All About Gymnastics Summary

Do you want to know about the world of gymnastics? This book has everything you need to know.

Book Reviews


Not the best ever1 star

Not a good book at all thought it would be better than that.15


Not very good at all1 star

This book was to short, the pictures didn’t make sense, and there was improper editing in it too. I would not suggest reading this unless you are a real beginner15


Missing pages1 star

Most of the book was just blank white pages and the book was boring I love gymnastics but I hated this book. If I could rate this book half a star I would 😡🤬😡🤬15


Not clear2 star

Wasn’t very clear and there’s a lot of spelling mistakes25


All about gymnastics3 star

I think they should continue the story and fix the errors35


Cute4 star

The little kid put so much effort into this book ,and the grammar is so funny.45


Gr8 story5 star

BTW I've been doing gymnastics for 1 yr I can do a back flip with no hands AKA a backhand spring my sister she wanted to go gymnastics ASAP but she wanted join ballet more so she does ballet55


Gymnastics1 star

There are lots of spelling mistakes.15


Not good1 star

This doesn't tell you any good about gymnastics. It tells you the wrong thing and only one skill15


😴1 star

Book was bad I suggest not reading it a five year old wrote it please do read15

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