A Perfect Escape

A Perfect Escape Summary

She planned her escape to the last detail—she didn't plan on falling in love.

Megan Thomas wants to get lost—preferably in someone else's life. But can she really escape the terror of her past, to grab onto some hope of a future?

Leaving Chicago and her mob-connected husband behind, she assumes a new identity. She planned her escape to the last detail—but she didn't plan on Smyth Parker.

Smyth Parker is already lost.And he sure as hell doesn't need a complication like Megan Thomas in his life. He wants nothing from no one and expects to live out his life in solitude.

But when Megan fears her husband has found her, she runs again, and no detailed plan can save her this time. When she runs blindly into Smyth's arms, he has no choice but to protect her.

Can two people running away from life, figure out how to trust each other enough to live?

Book Reviews


A Perfect Escape4 star

The book was amazing!!! I’m getting back into reading and this book had me on the tip of my seat between the romance, suspense, and action I didn’t wanna pull away!! I would definitely recommend!!45


A Perfect Escape5 star

Loved this book!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️55

Grannie Karon

A Perfect Escape5 star

Wow, this was one that constantly had me holding my breath. I still wonder about who really killed that guy.55


A perfect Escape5 star

Would have been nice to know what happened with the ex-wife and in-utero child.55


What a ride!5 star

I am humbled by this fantastic story. The characters were great and the story flows between love and suspense. I enjoyed reading this story.55


Okay for a “Free” escape2 star

The book wasn’t terrible…it was a free read. Most of the free books are supposed to make you interested in the author and other books in a series/genre. This author needs a better editor. There were were many opportunities to make it a decent book. Obviously, anyone who has seen “Sleeping With the Enemy” knows this plot line. The issue the author faces is that her characters personalities and values change throughout the book and the timeline is completely off. Do people fall in true love in one week? Maybe in fairytales but even then it’s a stretch if one (or both parties) are severely emotionally wounded? As the story progresses, the actions of the main characters flounders between decisive/weak/strong. One minute, the main character is going to kill her adversary to be with her true love….quickly (and unexplained) that turns into her running away?25


A Perfect Escape5 star

Full of danger, intrigue, and heart-stopping courage as well as a sexy and romantic story. Great characters and storyline!55

A Van Zee

A Perfect Escape5 star

Loved the story. Kept me reading late into the night. The ending was perfect.55


A perfect escape5 star

So many twists and turns… It was so exciting!! I didn’t put it down for the whole time I read it!55


A Perfect Escape4 star

Perfect escape of a book! Loved it.45

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