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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s darkest and most tragic works, a drama so steeped in legend that actors won’t even say its name for fear of bringing bad luck. The Bard’s shortest tragedy is a tale of murder, madness, and ambition full of iconic speeches. It’s been adapted countless times during its 400 years—and now director Joel Coen has created a bold and fierce Apple Original starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

The action begins when three witches predict the noble Macbeth will become king of Scotland. The story goes on to follow his bloody rise to power and his descent into madness. Touching on themes like unchecked ambition, the power of guilt, and the psychology of perception, this is one of the most riveting, action-packed literary classics in the world.

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Boo! Or maybe otherwise3 star

This is no proper Shakespeare. It’s even better! What is Mackbeth? Is it a person? Is it a creature? Maybe a mythical creature? Or maybe not. What is this story of mackbeth? Just read this and find out.35

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Macbeth5 star

Like male was lack at first and wife strong. Then the reverse became fact!! Dislike very little, I would have like more of witches!number one fantasy55


Well done5 star

It helped better understand the play55


This good5 star

It’s good55


Fantastic Edition5 star

Great formatting.55

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