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An Apple Books Classic edition.

Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy has inspired musicals, ballets, operas, and, of course, countless movies, including Italian director Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 classic and Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s stylish remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. The Bard’s play is so fundamental to our culture-and to the popular trope of star-crossed lovers-that we all feel like we know the story of Romeo and Juliet’s doomed love affair.

And yet, have you ever read the original? And if yes, perchance was it a long, long time ago? The beautiful lyricism of Shakespeare’s storytelling makes poring over his words such a complex treat:
What light in yonder window breaks?
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
These are just a few of the play’s immortal lines. And it’s this masterful storytelling that makes the doomed lovers’ untimely deaths that much more poignant.

Book Reviews

Disappointed owl😢

Nice introduction to Shakespeare4 star

Straightforward, with an interesting plot. Easier to read than other works by Shakespeare, so it makes sense that it is often taught in ninth grade.45


10/105 star

a classic!55


A classic!4 star

An original but written poorly.45


Bad1 star

Very poorly written.😐😐😐 I could do better than this😐 Do better shakaaphere 😑15

Mr. Ant🐜

Confusing1 star



Romeo And Juliet5 star

What an amazing story. That’s all there really is to say. Who thought Shakespeare’s writing could be so bad, I dunno but first time I read was in ninth grade.55


Good book but4 star

It’s good but I did not like how it was lazy for beginners that are reading this I know book I know who is who but if this as my first time reading this I would not know who is half time juliet is name jul , Romeo is name rom45


can not enlarge font size3 star

Font size is small. can not expand.35


Great5 star

I used some lines to convince my parents to be an actor, hopefully it works!55

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