Tame a Wild Heart

Tame a Wild Heart Summary

Catherine Evans fell in love when she was three years old, head-over-heels, forever kind of love.  The very first moment she saw twelve-year-old Duncan McKenzie, she told God and her pony that she was going to marry that boy.  He was handsome.  He was kind.  He was strong and smart and all the good things a boy should be.  For thirteen years she loved him with every beat of her heart.  And on her sixteenth birthday he walked away from her father's ranch, and from her.  He didn't look back over his shoulder.  Not even once.  And from that day forward, Catherine Evans swore off all men.  Her heart turned to stone, her will to iron, and her vow to God changed.  She'd run her father's ranch.  She'd succeed.  She'd survive.  And she would never, ever love another man as long as she lived.<br>
Duncan McKenzie left the ranch ten years ago, desperate to escape temptation in the form of a budding young lady too innocent to claim for his own.  But Catherine's frightened father summons him home.  The ranch is under attack and the old man's stubborn daughter refuses to seek help.  Duncan left a sweet young girl behind a decade ago.  He returns to a defiant siren, a woman whose heart is as wild as the land she would sacrifice her life to protect.  When Catherine's father coerces her into marrying Duncan, the fire in her eyes spells trouble, but it's the kind of trouble Duncan has no desire to resist.  Marriage is the only way he can protect her.  Especially when Duncan's own past comes calling in the form of one extremely dangerous and vengeful outlaw, Catherine's cowardly enemies want the ranch badly enough to kill for it, and his reluctant bride is very much in their way.

Book Reviews


Slow start3 star

This book has a very slow start and the leading character is very annoying. Once you get into it, it’s okay but predictable35


Lovely5 star

I enjoyed reading this story about ranchers and romance.55

C Conti

Tame a wild heart5 star

Great story, I had to hold my breath a few times. Well written.55


Tame a wild heart5 star

I enjoyed this book.55

DG Whit

Tame a wild heart.3 star

I enjoyed this book. It held my interest all the way to the end.35


Tame the Wild Heart5 star

Loved this story. Could not put it down. TY55


Tame a wild heart5 star

Great read55

not sucked into l chapter down

Tame a wild heart3 star

Nice storyline amusing was the editing. It seemed that all those gramatical errors were placed for emphasis regarding the social level in the house group.the chores and responsibilities were especially emphasized as a way to subtly gain control. Some characters must have been plagued by crabs and the lack of deodorant and toothpaste35

Fan from AZ

Tame a Wild Heart5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!55


Tame a wild heart5 star

A heartwarming romantic love story...enjoyed immensely55

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