Not Like Us (An Ilse Beck FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

Not Like Us (An Ilse Beck FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1) Summary

She barely escaped a serial killer in the Pacific Northwest—and now, he is hunting her again. Or is he? Ilse Beck, a niche expert in serial killer survivors, has faced many monsters, and seen shocking cases—but this one may be the worst of all.

In this bestselling mystery series, FBI Special Agent Ilse Beck, victim of a traumatic childhood in Germany, moved to the U.S. to become a renowned psychologist specializing in PTSD, and the world’s leading expert in the unique trauma of serial-killer survivors. By studying the psychology of their survivors, Ilse has a unique and unparalleled expertise in the true psychology of serial killers. Ilse never expected, though, to become an FBI agent herself.

Nothing can prepare Ilse for her new patient, a survivor from a near murder by a serial killer. The patient, paranoid, believes she is still being watched by the killer. And when the killer claims a new victim, the FBI needs Ilse’s help to solve it.

This case and this killer, though, strike too close to home for Ilse’s comfort. When she realizes that she herself is being targeted, the trauma of her own past comes full circle.

Can Ilse use her brilliant instincts to enter the mind of this killer and stop him before he strikes again?

And will she save herself?

A dark and suspenseful crime thriller, the bestselling ILSE BECK series is a breathtaking page-turner, an unputdownable mystery and suspense novel. A compelling and perplexing psychological thriller, rife with twists and jaw-dropping secrets, it will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist, while it keeps you shocked late into the night.

Books #2, #3 and #4 in the series—NOT LIKE HE SEEMED, NOT LIKE YESTERDAY and NOT LIKE THIS—are also available. 

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Not like us5 star

Good easy reading. Enjoyable55


Good book5 star

This one a great book full of action and suspense55


Worthy read!5 star

Simply captivating.55


Not like us book 15 star

Fantastic read!55



A book by an author I had previously not read turned into a surprisingly good read. Ava Strong published the 1st book in her new series with Ilsa, the psychologist and Sawyer, the FBI agent has turned me on to this author. Good, strong characterization of these two and an excellent surprising plot twist makes me impatient for the second book to be released, but while I wait, I ntend to read her other series. Recommended reading.55

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